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In Due Time

This Thursday I decided to give Author B Love a chance. I have never read one of her books before, but I must say that I was not disappointed with her book “In Due Time." They say that things happen in due time but what happens when you don't want to wait until it's the right time?

What does in due time really mean? Why does that word seem to irk peoples nerves so much to the point that it causes tension between people? Could it be because you want something so bad that you don’t want to wait but your force to wait for it anyway causing you to take other drastic measure to get your point across. Well, that is exactly what happened “In Due Time” After one slip up friends become loves and shit hit the fan. The line between friends and lover were crossed causing these to friends to have to reevaluate their friendship. They both love one another beyond words but it gets tricky when one lets it be known that they want more from the relationship and the other plays hard to get claiming not to want to mess up the friendship. But, what does one do when the chasing stops and decides that it is time to give the love to someone who wants it instead of to the person who deserves every ounce of it? “In Due Time” there are high stakes, decision being made off temporary emotion shift things that could result in a permanent decision but like they say all is far in love and war. Buckle up and get ready for this rollercoaster ride that Makenzie and Rahim are about to have you on. You will not be disappointed.

Crystal's thoughts: I felt that the book read smoothly , the development of the characters was on point ,and it kept my attention. "In due time" was a very realistic book to read. Many times we friend zone a guy and turn around and call him our bestfriend . When, the whole time he should be the lover and the friend not just the friend. Mackenzie learns the hard way when Rahim decides it's time to let go and move on leaving her fighting for the love she chose to look over. They say everything is fair in love in war.

Rating: I give the book 5 stars

Relatable: Yes!

Recommend: Yes, I would recommend this book

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Let me know in the comments if you agree with the quote " all is fair in love and war?"

Have you every went from being just friends to lover with one of your Guy/female friends?

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