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Five best friends, Queen, Egypt, Ameria, Camila and Essence, quickly learn that life never goes as planned. Things begin to unravel amidst a series of trials and tribulations, forcing them to make life altering decisions. From infidelity, deceptive relationships, resurrected pasts, loss, tragedy, heartbreak and love found and lost, the glue that binds them together is friendship. Although keeping it together is no easy feat, they give their all to remain Forever Loyal. 

Book Reviews

Great book! I loved the authors writing style and that she is very descriptive. The characters are very relatable. I found myself relating to Essence the most. This book had me dealing with alot of emotions so, have your tissue ready because it get's real. I would definitely recommend this book.

Avid Reader


This book was a Great read!! It's so easy to relate to the issues the ladies faced. Looking for more books from this author!!


Dawanna H.